What does #adulting look like off campus?

Adulting looks different for everyone. No two lifestyles need to look the same. Still, we’ve taken note of a few simple adulting skills that might be helpful to learn before you move off campus.


Opened toolbox full of wrenches


  • Cooking basic meals. Even if you don’t like cooking, it’s useful to learn how to cook a few go-to meals. You can also try meal prepping to save time and money. Check out our Weekly Meal Planner to get started.

  • Changing a tire. If you’re bringing your car to Austin, it’s important to know how to change a flat tire. You can easily find how-to videos and instructions online. Also learn how to take your tire pressure and check your oil.

  • Making simple repairs. It’s helpful to have a basic toolbox in your home and know how to use all of the tools. At the risk of sounding too Texan, duct tape can also be a great temporary solution to many problems.

  • Putting out a fire. It’s crucial to know basic fire safety procedures when you’re living off campus. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher and understand how to use it. You should also make sure you aren't blocking any windows or doors in case you need to evacuate.

  • Severe weather preparation. Contact your building manager to learn about where the safest places to shelter in place are in your building. Also, keep a flashlight or lantern handy in the event you lose power.

  • Basic safety procedures. Ask your District Officer Representative for safety tips. Police officers can provide practical advice for keeping your person, home and belongings safe.

  • Managing your finances. Get started with budgeting by reading our blog post on Cost-Saving Tips for Off-Campus Students and downloading the Budgeting Worksheet.

Never be afraid to ask someone for help or advice. Adulting is hard, but it gets easier when we can share experience and knowledge.