Guides and Forms

Legal Resources

Man filling out a pile of papers

Tenent Rights

Learn more about landlord-tenant law and what role your lease plays.

Apartment building, trees

Renter's Insurance

Learn about what renter's is and what it covers. 

Pile of tools and blueprints

Apartment Repairs

Learn about what repairs your landlord is required to make in the State of Texas.

Wall of an apartment complex with windows

Security Deposits

Security deposits are a part of being a renter. Learn more about how they work in Texas.

Apartment building windows

City of Austin Renters Resources

Get information on affordable housing, getting assistance with paying rent and utilities, and more.

Packing checklist document

Off-Campus Packing Checklist

Not sure what to pack as you make your way off campus? We've got you covered! Download this packing checklist to make sure you have all the basics covered as you get ready for moving day.

Budgeting worksheet

Budgeting Worksheet

Find out where you stand financially this semester by filling out this worksheet.

Apartment Search Guide

Apartment Search Guide

When choosing a new apartment, compare them to find the one that's right for you.