Tips for Finding a Subletter

If your situation changes, it may be hard to get out of a lease. Another option is to sublease your unit if your landlord allows it. Get started finding a subletter with these tips for making your unit attractive to potential subletters.


Apartment gate


Preparing Your Unit

  • Before beginning the process, verify that subletting is permitted at your complex by checking your lease or asking your landlord. You should also learn the subletting process at your complex so that you're prepared when the paperwork starts. 
  • Subletting can still leave you on the hook for damages and extra charges. Make sure you understand how you might still be liable when subletting by checking your lease and talking with your property manager. 
  • If you have roommates, have an honest discussion with them about their concerns or requests for a new subletter. This person will be living with them, so it's important that they feel comfortable.
  • Before taking photos or showing your unit to potential subletters, make sure the rooms are extremely clean. No one wants to move into a messy space, so you need to make it look like a space they would want to live in.
  • Take some time to research and carefully consider your pricing. It can sometimes make sense to offer a small discount on the rent if you need a subletter urgently, but your landlord may have requirements for subleasing pricing. 


Marketing Your Unit

  • Take good pictures of your unit. Make sure your photos capture all relevant spaces, and take wide shots to demonstrate the size of the rooms. Also, make sure your photos are well-lit; don't try to hide anything with your photos.
  • One of the best places to post your listing is in your official UT Austin class Facebook group. In your listing, highlight all amenities and advantages of your unit.
  • Use social media, your friends and printed flyers to get the word out there. The wider you spread the word, the more likely you will have multiple interested renters.  
  • Be prepared to give interested subletters a full in-person or virtual tour of the unit. If possible, include amenities like a pool or a gym on your tour.


Closing the Deal

  • Be patient. Some subletters are going to be more serious than others. You might encounter leads that go cold or people who stand you up for tours or calls. Keep at it! 
  • On the flip side, make sure you are being timely in your communication as well. It can be overwhelming to balance multiple conversations, so stay organized and use your calendar so you don’t miss anything.  
  • Make sure you feel like you can trust the subletter. When you meet them for the tour, try to get to know them better and see if you feel like they would be a consistent and trustworthy renter. 
  • Consider collecting a security deposit from your subletter if you are still liable for charges and damages in your contract. This deposit should be returned to your subletter after they check out, and no extra fees should be added. 
  • Once you have selected your subletter and signed all documents, stay in contact with them in case there are issues. This way, you can also reach out when the lease comes to an end.