How to Excel at Home

Due to COVID-19, many of us are confined to our homes for the time being. Check out these tips for making the most of your time at home.


Laptop on a desk with a white background


  • Maintain a routine. Continue to wake up and go to bed at a consistent time, get dressed every day and maintain healthy habits. 

  • Get exercise and eat well. It can be tempting to spend all of this time on the couch eating junk food. However, this can also be the perfect opportunity to implement a healthier lifestyle. You can start by making small changes to your diet or taking a daily walk around your neighborhood. 

  • Stay connected to your friends and family. If you're able, try to stay in frequent contact with your loved ones. Take some time to call, text, video chat, or even write letters to the people you care about to minimize feelings of isolation. You can get creative about staying in touch, like planning virtual watch parties.

  • Learn something new or pick up an old hobby. There are many free tutorials, virtual classes and online guides that can help you learn a new skill. Utilize this extra time to work on something that you've always wanted to learn. Here are some ideas: learn how to cook a new dish, download a language learning app, teach yourself how to play an instrument, pick up a new craft like knitting or calligraphy. 

  • Take a digital break. More of your time is likely being spent online or in front of screens. Be mindful and intentionally take time to give your eyes and your brain a rest.  

  • Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Everyone is learning how to adapt to this new situation, and most of us struggle with it at some point. Cut yourself some slack if you are having a hard time adjusting. We're all adapting together.