How to Connect with Your Roommate

Having a roommate is a great opportunity to create a close relationship with a peer as well as a smart way to save money. Roommate relationships can sometimes be tricky, but being intentional in the beginning can help you start off on the right foot.


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  • If possible, try to contact your roommate before moving in so that you can plan out what you need to bring and get to know each other. Coordinating what you are bringing will help you not bring two of something, like a coffee maker, when you really only need one.

  • Many roommates add each other on social media prior to moving in together. This a great way to get to know them, but do your best not to make assumptions before meeting. Give them the chance to make a great impression in person and be open minded.

  • It's always a good idea to sit down and make a roommate agreement together early on. Speaking honestly about your preferences and expectations is crucial for a roommate relationship. Try to fill one out your first week or two together and then revisit it periodically during the year or whenever issues might arise.

  • Do your best to respect your roommate's requests and preferences. You don't want to create unnecessary conflict, especially early on. This means being considerate with things such as your noise levels and bringing guests over to your apartment.

  • Try to find something that you have in common with your roommate, and see if you can make an activity out of it. Doing something that you both enjoy can be a great way to get to know each other better.

  • Consider participating in some campus events with your roommate, like a program during Longhorn Welcome or an aUsTinite event

  • Keep your expectations realistic. In some cases, your roommates could turn out to be friends for life. Other times, you just learn to live together peacefully. Either way, it doesn't hurt to reach out and make an effort.