Bring Autumn Into Your Home

Fall is finally here. Whether it still feels like summer or it is starting to cool off, you can bring that fall-feeling indoors in a few steps! Discover fun ways to bring the festivities of fall into your home by checking out the tips below.


Fall decorations on a table


  • Fall scents. Search for some seasonal scented candles, air fresheners or diffusers to make your home smell like a pumpkin farm or apple orchard. You can even DIY a homemade warm cider by mixing apple cider and cinnamon sticks in a crock pot.

  • Warm lighting. Put up some string lights or set up a few lamps with warm-colored light bulbs to establish welcoming light in your home. You would be surprised how a few battery-powered candles can change the atmosphere in your space.  

  • Cozy details. Get a fuzzy rug or some soft blankets to stay warm when that cold front comes. Faux fur and knit fabrics can do double duty for the fall and winter seasons. 

  • Pumpkin decorating. Buy some pumpkins and carve your favorite shapes and patterns to decorate your space. You can also paint pumpkins if that is more your style. Get some inspiration by searching for some examples online. You can display your creations in a window to your neighbors if you don't have a front door suitable for your creations. 

  • Add an accent. Including some autumn themed items can make a big impact in your home. Consider adding a centerpiece to a highly visible area of your space such as a counter, kitchen table or coffee table. Some items you could include are mini pumpkins, gourds, cinnamon sticks, pinecones, fake leave and cranberries, burlap, dried corn, wheat and sugar skulls. 

  • Hot drinks. Make your favorite hot chocolate, coffee or tea to sip while you're at home. You can even take a trip to your local thrift shop to search for a new mug to celebrate the season. 

  • Tasty eats. Try your hand at baking or cooking a new dish. Search for recipes that use seasonal ingredients such as squash, apples, pumpkins, beets and kale.