Be a Good Neighbor From a Distance

Being a good neighbor may look different during this unexpected season. There are still many ways to care for and respect our neighbors, such as the examples below.


Heart drawn in chalk on a driveway
  • If there is any concrete on your property, consider writing encouraging messages in chalk for your neighbors to see.

  • Go on walks around your neighborhood. When you see neighbors, be sure to smile and wave. Little gestures of kindness go a long way, especially when many people are feeling isolated and anxious. 

  • Find a way to check on your neighbors, while still keeping your own safety in mind:

    • Call or text them.

    • Say hello from a safe distance.

    • Leave a note on their door.

  • Be more mindful of your noise levels, since many people are having to work from home. A good way to test this is to turn on your music or TV and then walk down the hallway to your next neighbor's door. If you can hear the sound from your apartment, so can your neighbor.

  • Park further away from the building if you are feeling well to make room for those who may be ill.

  • Follow CDC recommendations, not only for your own protection, but for the safety of those around you.

  • If you notice your apartment WiFi is spotty during certain hours, try to limit non-school or work-related internet use and save it for those who need it. Instead, consider picking up a book that you have been meaning to read.